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Franklin's T100/Bulger List slideshow - or the Honey Badger does 100...(?)
Here is my Big Boy/T100 slide show that didn't work at the party.
There is audio -after awhile...

so... a 1000+ image blitz in 10 minutes 12 seconds. I was told to plan for 5-10 minutes... Just hard to cull the images. I'll update later with more images culled to shorten. Tried faster pace, but didn't like that option
Maybe I'll break into 2 parts... give me a few days...
-- if the video doesn't work, or you want to view a slower version click to go to Vimeo.

FYI, music is "Friendly Ghost"

Description: 11_1022_003.jpg Description: 11_1022_004.jpg
The 2011 Bulger List finishers (Don, Dave, Milda and Franklin)

Description: 11_1022_002.jpg
Mr. T-Shirt himself

Description: 11_1022_001.jpg
Group crowd shot from the party

** Bulger List **

"Peak bagging"
From Wikipedia

"Peak bagging (also hill bagging, mountain bagging, Munro bagging,[1] or just bagging) is an activity in which hillwalkers and mountaineers attempt to reach the summit of some collection of peaks, usually those above some height in a particular region, or having a particular feature. Peak bagging can be distinguished from highpointing. In peak bagging, the targets are the peaks of mountains or hills, and the popular lists usually require that the target pass some threshold of prominence. In highpointing, the goal is only to reach the highest point in some geographic area (e.g., county, state, or country), whether or not it is a peak."

I noticed the Washington T100 Big Boy List is not even in the Wikipedia list...

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