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“Escape the rain…”

McCoy Peak  (5856’, p1856')

Dark Divide area, South Washington Cascades

Via Rough Trail #283

June 16, 2012

Martin, Wendy, Teresa and Franklin

Weather: Hot muggy, clear skies, clouds surrounding areas



The weatherman was having a heck of a time with predictions.  Rain was predicted highly all over the mid to northern Cascades.  A little low energy from a 57 hour work week I was tempted to stay home.  Martin had an idea to head south to avoid the potential rain.  McCoy south of Randle WA would fit the bill.  McCoy 5856, is the 159th most prominent peak in the state.  Go figure… the real McCoy.  I’ve been hiking mainly up north and it would be nice to see what the peaks were like further south.  Oh, and a great distraction to keep me from much needed yardwork.


How to get there

Driving directions: First find Randle… good luck. Then from Randle, south 1 mile, left on 23 (Cispus Road), in 8 miles turn right on 28 (Cispus Road) and after 1 mile veer left on 29.  Follow surprisingly we maintained FSRD 29 for 10 miles to spur 115, cross McCoy Creek and go LEFT on to spur 116 a hundred feet or so to find the “Rough Trail #283 TH,

Road trip

Morning looked great.  Had the weather gurus missed again?  Met Martin and Wendy for a carpool south (7a).  This was going to be a long commute.   Early morning roads were empty heading through South Park on Hwy 161.  By Eatonville it was time for a necessary break.  The normal route was detoured and our brief stop took us to Mill Pond Park (8:10a).  A great chance to exercise and practice important scrambling skills.  Root walking, shaky bridge crossing, rock wall climbing, glissading, log crossings.  A lot goes into training and prep for these long and arduous trips.  You don't get to see the experts training or the skill refreshing they do to keep in such fit shape.  I was lucky to get a sneak peak at their top secret training grounds and a glimpse at the hard core tasks they go through to be prepared for their so called "easy hikes".


Description: 12_0616-001   Description: 12_0616-002   Description: 12_0616-008

Martin practicing vegi belaying                                                         shaky bridge creek cross practice                       Wendy admiring Martin’s advance creek log crossing techniques

Description: 12_0616-009   Description: 12_0616-005

Spinning log –check out the beavers                                                                                Glissade practice…


Hwy161 was closed south of Eatonville and redirected to Alder Cutoff Road to Hwy 7.  


Description: 12_0616-070


Description: 12_0616-068

New reststop in Elbe


A left on 7 east to Elbe, then a right following 7 south to Morton.  If you took away the new cars Morton looked like it could be the 50’s or 60’s.  At Hwy 12 a left east to Randle.  Now a right on Hwy 131 (Co road 9009).  The road turned from paved to gravel (for more directions see above).  At first potholes, then they were recently filled.  As we headed south each road was well marked.  And each creek marked, some even with elevation.



It’s Rough trail, not a rough trail

A little park spot on a narrow road at the trailhead (before 10a).  The trail had a sign that said “rough trail no283”.  It took me a bit to translate to the name  of the trail and not a warning about the trail… I think…   10:10a we were off first flattish then steeply up a motorcycle rutted trail with a set of very large elk hoof prints. 


Description: 12_0616-012

Name or description?

The trail had not been used this season.  We cleared braches and left puddles of sweat.  Several breaks taking it easy to keep everyone together.  It was a warm and highly humid day.  More sweat that I have had in a long time.  Luckily no bugs.  After about a mile the steep switchbacky trail mellowed and at 1.3 miles a great view point on a rib. Our route up McCoy in our face.


Description: 12_0616-014

Great view point at 1.3 muggy miles

Description: 12_0616-013m

Our route up McCoy


Another quick third of a mile brought us to the split in the trail (1.65m, 11:30a, c4400’).   A good place for a snack. 


Description: 12_0616-017  Description: 12_0616-048

Relaxing at the split in the trail on the ridge                                    We stopped at the fork in the trail..


After 12 Martin and I continued descending the now snow covered trail a couple hundred feet to a flat basin, across covered creeks and up the north side of Bear Creek. 


Description: 12_0616-018

Crossing Bear Creek


The snow ended for a while then in a few hundred feet step kicking commenced.  The humidity and my hacking for air left me to follow tracks as Martin blazed ahead.  By 12:52 we were in an upper basin and by 1:00p we topped out on the dry summit ridge.  South and below the summit an old lookout site and a benchmark.


Description: 12_0616-020   Description: 12_0616-021

McCoy BM and incinerated lookout debris


The highpoint was 50 or so feet north.  After some peak browsing we both searched for a register.  Maybe it was knocked off the ridge?  Not even a sign of a cairn…   I made an inconspicuous small cairn and left a pill bottle register. 


Description: 12_0616-024    Description: 12_0616-033

Looking SW to Mt St Helens                                                                                               summit cairn in front of Mt St Helens

Description: 12_0616-027-pan

From the lookout site looking north to Rainier


Sunshine and views

Some more munchies and more peak browsing.  We were surrounded by shrouded volcanoes.  Cloud level seemed around 7-8k.  Far north Goat Rocks and Mt Rainier covered in snow.  Due SE behind Sunrise and Jumbo was Adams.  Clocking southward was Hood and Jefferson and passing over Kirk and Shark Rocks was Badger Peak –Hmm, I need to do that one. 


Description: 12_0616-035-pan

          Kirk                                                                               Shark Rocks                                                                           Badger Peak


Oh and behind impressive Mt St Helens to the SW.  We contemplated running the ridge north to Langille Peak (5372’, p287’).  Only 2.4 miles north, but then there would be the descent and radioing windy to try to find us.  Later I’d also see we’d have had a creek crossing and an über steep 400+ feet back up to the road…


Description: 12_0616-047

Looking north along the ridge to Langille Peak


Nice warm relaxing, but people were waiting.  We went down the ridge south to find the elk tracks again and a brief visit for views at the south rocky spire of a peak.  Southwest the forest had burned and stopped at the ridge.


Description: 12_0616-049   Description: 12_0616-050

The burn on the SW side of the ridge                                                                                                the south false summit

Description: 12_0616-052   Description: 12_0616-062

SW rib from near south false summit                                                                                                SWW Ridge of McCoy


The west  side was bare loose rock with some interesting spire ribs.  We headed back and glissaded to the upper basin.  Then worked SE through the steep snow covered woods plunge stepping and traversing back above the lower basin.  Martin took the low route while I took the high route gaining the main trail several hundred feet above the trail split.  Above the split in the trail is still snow covered.

From here it was just a long downhill trail walk.  The motorcycle runnels that weren’t a bother coming up were a pain in the butt going down.

An uneventful trip, getting back to the car the rest of the group were lounging waiting.


Description: 12_0616-067

Paw print?


Here kitty, kitty…

Driving out we had a few views of McCoy and the north running ridge.  If we had run the ridge and dropped back to catch the road, there would have been a major stream crossing and several hundred feet of very steep hillside to attain the road.  As I was looking out the side at the ridge, Wendy started yelling BEAR, BEAR!  Then a correction, …”Cougar, COUGAR!”  I whipped my head around, but missed seeing it cross the road in front of the car.  Martin stopped the car and we both jumped out cameras in hand to zoom in on a parting shot.  Not even a rush moving the huge cat was long gone.  That did stop me from calling out, “here kitty, kitty…”


Thanks for reading and Happy Trails!





In: 2.7m, vert 3480+/-290, 3h10min

Out: 2.8, +100/-3190, 1h25min

tt: 5.5, +3580vert


Gear:   water


Description: I:\maps-new09\mccoy_12_0616.JPG




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