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NOTE - As of April 21, 2012 I have joined with many other and ceased the use of SPOT.
I found it to be very unreliable. Not even working from a summit like Goode. Initial response from SPOT is that other peaks were blocking the signal -lol. From 9200' nothing else around. In my one year use of it I found it had an average of 20-25% success of acknowledged sent messages being received.

Multiple attempts for customer service with SPOT was pathetic. They send a message or two then ignore.
It would appear once they hae your subscription they don't really care . In the brief bit communicating with them I get the idea they would like to have people think it is reliable and for users to not understand that it is just a toy and so un-reliable that it should not be used as a life safety item.
A BIG warning that the "SPOT" devices are very un-reliable and are just a toy that sometimes functions.
If it works, that is great that people can follow you. I've watched the track of others that have theirs set to every 20minutes and there are gaps of hours of no signal sent (though the device indicated message sent) for the majority of the time, Even in places like the south side of Mt Rainier.
I've had friends more concerned and ready to call for help when I was doing fine with days left on a trip, just because they hadn't seen a message like they expected. I love that they were concerned. And more upset that I relied on a poor quality toy to fancy them were I was and an indication of how I was.
Save your money, keep the excess weight out of your pack unless you just want a toy that sometimes wors. Maybe that is enough for you. BUT get a real device if you are needing to rely for life safety.

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