Whistler Weasel Workers pictures by Franklin

Whistler 2009 IPC World Cup
March 6-14 on the Womens Olympic track (Franz's run)

Whistler 2008 World Cup
Saturday, Feb 16, 2008 prep womens DH
Sunday, Feb 17, 2008 prep womens DH
Monday, Feb 18, 2008
Tuesday, Feb 19, 2008 -Women's training run day 1
Thursday, Feb 21, 2008 -Men's SG
Friday, Feb 22, 2008 -Women's DH
Saturday, Feb 23, 2008 -Men's GS
Sunday, Feb 24, 2008 -Women's COmbined and teardown
Look for low res video links below a few pictures.

2007 Canadian Nationals (done the Weasel way)
-Water Baring the slalom hill and more, Mar 15-17, 2007

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